Saturday, July 22, 2017

This Week in Trumpland July 22, 2017

THIS WEEK IN TRUMPLAND, a sixty second primer on the path to Armageddon: “fascism is here” edition

Trump campaign pays legal fees for Trump, Jr’s Russian collusion defense, claiming that colluding is “business as usual” in politics
Ivanka Trump reveals that she was personally paid $5M from outside businesses at the time she officially became a white house adviser
More than 20 Congress members ask the FBI to review Ivanka’s security clearance
Jared Kushner reveals that when he officially joined the white house he also failed to disclose dozens of financial holdings he was required to declare
Trump bitch slaps Jeff Sessions and tells the NYT he wishes he had not chosen Sessions as his AG
Muslim ban fight continues, as Supreme Court upholds one part of Hawaii Appellate Court decision limiting the ban and rejects another
CBO reveals that a ”repeal only” bill would leave 32 million Americans uninsured
Trump urges Congress to let ObamaCare die, and millions of Americans along with it
In a move sought by Moscow, the White House ends CIA program to arm anti-Assad forces in Syria
Trump apparently asks his attorneys if he can pardon himself and then tweets out he has complete power to pardon
In a huge blow to Melissa McCarthy’s career, Sean Spicer resigns

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