Saturday, October 21, 2017

Adventures in Trumpland October 21, 2017

THIS WEEK IN TRUMPLAND, a sixty second primer on the path to Armageddon: “he said she said” edition

Trump tells widow of fallen soldier that “your guy knew what he signed up for”
When Congresswoman Frederica Wilson calls Trump out for the insensitive statement, Trump falsely claims he “has proof” he never said those words and then recants
Trying to defend defend Trump’s statement, Chief of staff John Kelly gets caught in a lie of his own
Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims it’s “inappropriate” to call out Kelly as he is a general
Vladimir Putin chastises Americans for criticizing Trump
Trump tweets that ISIS is giving up because he is President
Travel ban ping pong continues as federal judge halts new version of Trump’s new ban
Trump falsely claims that UK crime is up due to Islamic terrorists
Georgia lawmaker suggests people with HIV should be quarantined
Senator John McCain denounces Trump, and Trump immediately promises retribution
Without using his name, former presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama take aim at Trump and the politics of hatred and division
With 80% of Puerto Rico still without electricity and fires ravaging Northern California, Trump takes continued aim at the NFL

Saturday, October 14, 2017

This week in Trumpland October 14, 2017

THIS WEEK IN TRUMPLAND, a sixty second primer on the path to Armageddon: “what’s your IQ” edition

VP Mike Pence spends $250,000 of taxpayer money on racist stunt at an NFL game
Trump moves to end federal subsidies to health insurance companies that make insurance affordable for millions of low-income Americans
Though Trump's speeches evidence little knowledge of the Iran nuclear deal and its consequences, he declines to certify it
Trump threatens to pull the United States out of the NAFTA agreement
EPA chief Scott Pruitt rescinds tax credits for wind and solar power and declares that the EPA will repeal Obama era Clean Power Act
Trump threatens to abandon Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts from "crisis of their own making”
After threatening to shut down news media outlets that criticize or disagree with him, Trump claims during a speech in front of a known hate group that anti-gay religious forces will no longer be silenced 
Actress/activist Rose McGowan’s Twitter account is suspended when she speaks out against sexual abuse and sexual abusers
ESPN reporter Jemele Hill is suspended for denouncing a racist threat by Dallas Cowboys owner Jimmy Jones
school district in Biloxi, Mississippi removes "To Kill a Mockingbird" from its reading list, saying that the 1960 Pulitzer Prize winning novel about racial inequality  "makes people uncomfortable"
Trump suggests he has a higher IQ than Rex Tillerson, then declares he met with the President of the Virgin Islands (himself) and claims “we can finally say Merry Christmas again” 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

This Week in Trumpland October 7, 2017

THIS WEEK IN TRUMPLAND, a sixty second primer on the path to Armageddon: “let them eat paper towels” edition

23 guns found in Las Vegas terrorist Stephen Paddock's hotel room, plus more than 50 pounds of explosives and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in his car
GOP and FOX News decry a national conversation about gun control, saying this is no time to “discuss politics”
The DOJ determines that Title VII does not provide civil rights protection in the workplace to transgender people or women who want to control their own bodies
Republican Congressman Tim Murphy, a staunch pro-life advocate, urges his mistress to get an abortion to hide his extra-marital affair
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls Trump “a f***king moron”, then pledges his loyalty in a hastily organized press conference but doesn’t deny making the statement
During a self congratulatory trip to Puerto Rico, Trump gives out rolls of paper towels “free throw” style during a photo-op, but doesn’t visit any ravaged areas of the island
FBI investigating a third personal email account used by Jared Kushner and Ivanka that co-mingled White House business with Trump Organization business
Continuing his assault on Obama initiatives, Trump expels 15 Cuban diplomats 
Trump declares that the media should be investigated by Congress and censored
Southwest airlines claims they dragged a Muslim woman off a flight against her will because she had a dog allergy
Ivana Trump, who recently turned down an ambassadorship from Trump, says she encourages her ex-husband to keep tweeting

Saturday, September 30, 2017

This Week In Trumpland September 30, 2017

THIS WEEK IN TRUMPLAND, a sixty second primer on the path to Armageddon: “water, big water, ocean water” edition

As Puerto Rico struggles with no drinking water or electricity, and with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz begging for the supplies and help which have not come, Trump gives himself high marks in his dealing with the crisis and then defends slow response saying “Puerto Rico is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water”
After Cruz says in a press conference that “we are dying here” Trump unleashes, and then deletes, a twitter storm insulting her
Trump goes on a racist warpath against NFL and NBA athletes
Jared Kushner, Ivanka, Stephen Miller, Gary Cohn and other white house officials  revealed to have used private emails to conduct White House business
Trump unveils a new, even more draconian travel ban
Claiming that his new tax plan would be bad for him and good for the middle class, Trump proposes a plan that would in fact cut his personal taxes by more than 50%
Ultra conservative candidate Roy Moore, who was twice thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court for judicial overreaching, wins the Republican primary for U.S. Senate
Trump reacts by deleting his tweets endorsing losing candidate Luther Strange
In a move that will fortify Trump and scare everyone else, Twitter doubles its capacity from 140 characters to 280 characters
NYT reveals that Donald Trump, Jr. ditched his secret service detail to go moose hunting in the Yukon
Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price walks the plank, probably asking for a private plane to fly him home
Hugh Hefner goes to the big Playboy mansion in the sky

Saturday, September 23, 2017

This week in Trumpland September 23, 2017

THIS WEEK IN TRUMPLAND, a sixty second primer on the path to Armageddon: “my head is spinning” edition

On the day of his first Presidential address at the U.N. Trump instead uses Twitter to throw shade on the Emmys
During his speech at the U.N. Trump makes multiple references to “Nambia”, conjoining the names of Namibia and Zambia
As part of his U.N. address Trump threatens to “totally destroy” North Korea, calling Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man on a suicide mission”
Kim responds by calling Trump “a frightened dog” and a “mentally deranged dotard”
The rest of the world calls both Trump and Kim just plain nuts
Sounding very much like a new name for an even broader Muslim ban, White House says it will replace ban with targeted travel restrictions geared to certain countries
Republican Senator and physician Bill Cassidy lies about the contents of his proposed health care bill, and is called on it by non-physician Jimmy Kimmel
John McCain signals that he will again vote “no” on new Draconian health care bill heading to Senate floor
With Melania Trump standing right next to him during a rally in Ft Myers, Trump apologizes that “Melania really wanted to be with us”
When stager 4 cancer patient Laura Packard tweets at Trump for trying to take away the health care that could save her life, Trump blocks her from his Twitter account
In a blow to victims of campus sexual assault cases, Department of Education raises standard of proof set during the Obama years
Trump administration signals it might be willing to stay in the Paris accords “under the right conditions”
Trump deals with another important global issue by disinviting NBA star Steph Curry to the White House 
Seeking privacy, Donald Trump, Jr. decides to forgo secret service protection