Saturday, July 8, 2017

This Week in Trumpland July 8, 2017

THIS WEEK IN TRUMPLAND, a sixty second primer on the path to Armageddon: “weaker by the minute” edition

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll shows that 60% of Americans actually support Trump’s travel ban
Missouri passes a law dropping the minimum hourly wage from a poverty level $10 per hour to an even worse $7.70 per hour
In a move certain to be cheered by Trump University, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos freezes existing DOE rules that erase student loans for borrowers cheated by the fraudulent acts of predatory colleges
Forty-Four states reject Trump “voter fraud” panel’s request for voter information, saying it’s a thinly veiled voter suppression ruse
Trump tweets a video showing him violently attacking a man with the CNN logo juxtaposed over his face
After Dow Chemical donates $1 million dollars to Trump, EPA chief Scott Pruitt attempts to delay implementation of Obama era EPA regulations on oil and gas operations
Government ethics chief Walter Shaub resigns following repeated fights with the Trump administration over their conflicts of interest
Ivanka Trump takes POTUS’ place at G20 leaders table, sitting next to the British Prime Minister and the Chinese President
In a European speech, Trump states that “the fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive”, though most of the world thinks the fundamental question of our time is whether the world can survive Trump
In no apparent connection to Trump, a rock formation tourist attraction in Norway that is shaped like a penis is knocked down by vandals

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