Sunday, August 13, 2017

When Good People do Nothing

I took an anthropology class in college. There I learned that throughout history, when a warring tribe encountered a peaceful tribe and each tribe interacted with the other in a manner consistent with its nature, without exception the warring tribe annihilated the peaceful tribe out of existence. 
Neo-Nazi's, white supremacists and other racists, alt-righters, and as hard as it is to believe our own President, are willing to pursue their nefarious agendas at any cost and by all means necessary. They don't hesitate to distort facts, to lie and cheat, to injure the vulnerable and downtrodden, even to kill innocent people. In fact they thrive on those tactics. 
Alternatively, most decent people have a deeply ingrained sense of justice and fair play. And that's why we're in such danger in America today. We are confused and disoriented by an adversary that doesn't abide by the rules, and so are disadvantaged in fighting the evil around us.
This is the backdrop against which the holocaust came about. This is how apartheid thrived. And this is where America is currently heading. 
I don't know the answer or how to more effectively combat these evil forces, but I do know this. Those who believe that they can ignore or even enable the malignancy that is Donald Trump, or that it's okay to do nothing because what happened in Germany, South Africa, and other parts of the world can't happen here, are in for a rude awakening. 
Assuming there is still a world to wake up in. #Charlottesville #Resist
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